Me, My Blog, and I

About My Blog

So I'm just starting on this and have no clue what I'm going to make of it.  I figure I'll start out on my own, sharing the page with a few friends, and then see where it goes.  I've always wanted to write and just figured I needed a good excuse.

About Me

What can I say? I'm a relatively typical late 30's girl, a married, working mommy.  Good education, good career.  Always fighting my weight.  Usually trying to be "normal", but always questioning what that means.  Many times eating too many cookies. But overall, it's a good life.

Married to pretty great dude, we'll call him "Ace".  Good guy.  Super smart.  Very career-driven, but also fantastic father.

I also have a dog and 2 cats right now, who serve only to gross me out, force me to clean more often that I want, leave fur trails everywhere, and occasionally give me love when they have nothing else to do.

Oh yeah, and the real love of my life is my 2 year old son, "Mayor McPoopypants" (because he runs the house and also has stinky poopypants).  The Mayor is hilarious, beautiful, smart, and all around awesome.  He's super quirky, just like most kids, and mostly the center of my universe right now.  Which is all swell in my book.

This is The Mayor now

This will be The Mayor in 1 year

Let's just say I'm telling myself that I'm prepared.