My Credo

So, I went to a ridiculous interesting conference for work this week intended for newer employees. Part of the training is geared toward understanding the company and it's culture. The other part was more about personal development, which I found interesting in light of the things that I've been pondering and writing about lately. As part of one of the personal development sessions, we had to come up with our Personal Credo. Deciding upon the most important, driving principles of your life is much more challenging that one would think. So this is what I came up with. I expect it will change as I think more about it, but I'm pretty sure most of these will remain:
  1. Respect for others/Empathy
  2. Courage in everything
  3. No judgement, of yourself or anyone else
  4. Family first, whenever possible
  5. Do what makes you happy
  6. Generosity toward others
  7. Be yourself, no matter who that is
  8. Laugh and make others laugh as much as possible
  9. Honesty with yourself
  10. Responsibility for your own actions
These probably seem kind of random, and maybe they are. But every single one is either something I follow now, or something I'm striving toward.