Monday, November 22, 2010

What I Am Thankful For...If I Must.

I know, I know. This time of year, every.single.person in the universe is forced to think about what is important to them and their lives. I've recently been trying to make a major effort to be grateful on a daily basis for the things in my life that are super fantastic. But here, in one easy-to-tote list, is the big stuff in my life that I'm thankful for and couldn't live without (in no certain order):
  1. Family. My parents and brother used to come first, but now I also have my own little fam.  Overall, they all rock pretty hard.
  2. Mayor McPoopypants. OK, so I mentioned him vaguely above, but he's worth mentioning a quadrillion times over. He's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. He gives my life purpose and meaning that I never had before. His smile, his eyes, his soft little hands, his sweet buddha belly...all of it do I love fiercely. 
  3. Ace. Again, vague mention above, but he's pretty super special, too. We have our tough times, but he's a good person and tries to do the best for our sweet little family. 
  4. Friends. A few I've known for a really long time and they know me like no one else does. A few are newer, but are just as important and provide me with support and laughter and they listen to my crap like they really care.
  5. A J-O-B. OK, so I hate my current job. provides income that helps us to do the things we want and have the things we need. So many others are doing without because of not having one of these.
  6. A Home. Yeah, we're trying to get rid of it, but it's still a warm, cozy, comfortable place that belongs to us and makes us feel good to be there. 
  7. Security. As with most people, life has thrown me and us for many loops, so I treasure the times when things are calm and normal and safe.  
  8. Health. Yes, I need to start working out again and eating better. But I don't have cancer or some other terminal illness or disability. And that's big in my book. 
So those are the big 'uns. Here are some smaller, yet still important items that I think about almost daily:
  • A dog who cleans up the floor after The Mayor is done eating
  • Whirled peas
  • 3 donut shops within 2 miles of my house
  • Microbrewed beer and chicken wings
  • Cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks in the winter
  • Happy hour
  • That The Mayor doesn't like Barney
  • Coffee
  • Nonjudgemental people
  • Being a child of the 80s
Hopefully I can add to this list through this week. I think it's important to recognize the things that you're grateful for, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day. It really does make life much sweeter when you keep these things in mind.

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